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How to Choose an LMS

Had a great conversation with a fellow Learning and Development consultant about Learning Management Systems. It’s so refreshing to look beyond the cubicle and hear the successes and challenges of others in the field. We’re not so different no matter where we are in the world. Petra, you inspired me to pen a post on […]


Convert PowerPoint to eLearning in 5 Steps

Gather Gather the PowerPoint deck and other material in one place. Get more than just the PowerPoint deck. The source content and background material can help make sense of the material and speed the process. Ask for any assessments (quizzes) for the course. Often overlooked, assessments are a window into the really important content. Look […]

microlearning as a nest

microLearning: Your Time Has Come

microLearning – a standalone fragment of training content – is a training approach you can readily include in your learning stream to respond quickly to the training and development needs of your audience. It also helps you make your training – eLearning or classroom based – sticky. microLearning is one of those concepts that can […]


Action Meetings

This short training video we developed explores ways you can improve your ability to run effective meetings that get results. (Please note: this video does not have audio.)


Course Development and Your Audience

This short training video we created explores ways to learn about your audience so you can develop learning programs that are relevant and sticky.


The Thick End of the Wedge—Rapid Course Development with Subject Matter Experts

Training moves knowledge and skills from those who can – Subject Matter Experts – to those to cannot – Learners. The entire point of instructional design and training development is to move learners from the thin end of the knowledge and skills wedge—not knowing—to the thick end of the wedge—filled with knowledge and skills—as rapidly […]


Learning Management Systems – How to Avoid Wet Socks

I live in Ireland. It rains here. As I’m getting soaked waiting for my bus, another one pulls up. Not as convenient as my preferred bus, but close. Wet socks and cold feet are certain if I stand here much longer. A quick decision and I hop on the bus in front of me hoping […]


Counterfeit Engagement

‘The learning and development industry just needs to cop on to itself.’ So said the senior executive—one of my clients—about the effort ratios, aka the time taken to develop eLearning. Harsh perhaps, but like a driver too close to you on an icy day, it created a pressure at the back of my mind. More […]