ThinkRite asked Learning Stream to help them define a learning ecosystem which could integrate into  their new product, ThinkRite Assistant. Our unique solution included traditional eLearning content, microlearning, social learning, and moderated content that allowed learners to follow multiple pathways leading to certification. We also worked closely with ThinkRite and other leaders in the field of meeting science to turn theory into practical training content.

The Challenge

ThinkRite’s goal to change how meetings are run required a complex learning ecosystem to drive change throughout organisations.

  • Crisp, practical research-based content
  • Core content leading to certification
  • A flexible learning ecosystem easily updated with new meeting research
  • Create a community of meeting practitioners
  • A range of certification pathways
  • Multiple delivery methods
  • Deliver just-in-time training to strengthen the emerging skills of learners

The Solution

Learning Stream consulted across the business to design a multi-faceted solution.

  • Developed an integrated solution including, social learning, microlearning and modularised content
  • Defined a bespoke learning management system to facilitate the social and moderated content streams
  • Created focused training content suitable for delivery across a range of training modalities
  • Identified a certification solution which included formal assessment and social contribution
Michael McGovern