Counterfeit Engagement

Counterfeit Engagement

‘The learning and development industry just needs to cop on to itself.’

So said the senior executive—one of my clients—about the effort ratios, aka the time taken to develop eLearning.

Harsh perhaps, but like a driver too close to you on an icy day, it created a pressure at the back of my mind.

More recently, ‘learning engagement’ was the topic with someone else. Did a search on Google. 438 million hits.

Some kind of resonance happened. The two ideas joined forces.

Change is the mother of learning. Care about the change enough, and learning will follow.

When you update an app on your phone, is engagement an issue as you figure out where the settings disappeared to?

No. You’re focused on figuring out where the ‘push notifications’ setting disappeared to. That’s your motivation. ‘Engagement’ is irrelevant.

Counterfeit engagement may lead to learning, but if learners believe in the transformational nature of your content, engagement follows.

Michael McGovern

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